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Creating wealth through online marketing

Advertising on the Internet has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. If you were to go back just ten years you would see how vastly it has changed. There are many different money making programs that have succeeded, some that failed, and some that have thrived beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

It is safe to say that the success of small online businesses having used PPC to market online has been substantial.

Sure – we’ve seen scams and low value advertisers come and go. we’ve seen the FTC come in and start monitoring for truthfulness, but when all is said and done there is still a lot of room to make money online as a PPC advertiser!

Amazon ImageRight now there is room for ethical marketers to rise above the average con artists and create wealth by advertising good quality products and services online and profiting very well.

Also – the entry fee for this opportunity is so low it is funny. Got a 100 bucks to try it out? That should be enough!

You can buy very inexpensive pay per click advertising on Facebook, Google or Bing for example that converts very well and makes big money! The trick is to get conversions to a very high percentage and keep the per click costs dropping.

If you can increase traffic and pay less while boosting the percentage of converting customers you can write your own ticket.

This is much easier than it may seem.

The HQ Wealth System is very simple.

In a nutshell:

1. Create a website to market your own product or promote one from a high paying affiliate program – ideally with recurring commissions for monthly subscriptions.

An example of a great affiliate program with a high converting product would be the Blogging Underground Affiliate Program. It pays 50% recurring commission through Clickbank.

2. Once you have something of good quality to promote you must create a LANDING PAGE with a compelling offer. If you have something to include as a bonus that would help boost conversions.

3. Create banners for your offer

4. Run ads on Pay Per Click or buy impressions from search engines that can send very specific targeted traffic.

ie if you promote a blogging tips subscription, try to get traffic from websites or keywords having to do with bloggers, website building, wordpress themes and internet marketing among others.

Targeting the right people to show your ads to is the key.

Google Adwords offers display advertising on their content network and the ads can be shown for very little. Try this if you can to start. Then find other sources of traffic like Bing and Yahoo etc.

5. Watch the conversions for your ads and make small adjustments to the banners and landing pages and see if you can boost the percentage of buyers.

Also keep an eye on net profits vs. ad spend and also watch refunds.

It’s very easy to tell if you are making more than you are spending – but try to see what ads are working better and which tweaks to your landing pages make conversions go up.

6. Scale up the winning sources of traffic. If you find keywords or websites that convert better – scale up that traffic and drop the traffic that converts less.

Eventually you can create a winning formula if you watch the winners and boost to get as much traffic as you can.

This formula is simple and works as long as you keep improving the conversions! Of course it all depends on having something good to sell. If you have a great offer and explain the benefits properly you will get people to buy it!

If however the product makes no sales and you spend a few hundred bucks trying and even after tweaking the ads and landing pages you get zero sale – it may be time to find a different product to promote.

HQ Wealth System – try it!

Advertising on the Internet – Some people are not so ethical!

Marketing In Less Than 1000 Words (1000 Word Briefings) Some advertising in the early days of PPC was deceitful, which gave most online marketing a bad name for quite a while.

Online marketing is much like marketing in any other medium. Demographics come into play, and unlike television or radio advertising, the average person can get in on the act.

Amazon ImageOnline marketing can be very annoying. Some advertisements known as pop up ads are known to pop up out of seemingly nowhere, and when enough pop, a slower computer can crash. Though this type of advertisement is still around, many have pop up blockers installed on their computers, and these ads are losing their effectiveness. The trend seems to be moving away from intrusive ads, though it does depend on the chosen demographic. You may notice some marketing that is clearly aimed towards parents, teenagers, and business professionals.

Many companies are scaling back and investing in Google Adsense. Though many of the larger companies have banner ads around the Internet, Google has found a way for the smaller companies to get a lot of ad exposure without having to spend as much, or without having to guess where they might get the most exposure. The ads match the keywords in the content that is displayed on a web page. These ads tend to be very small, but can be highly effective. Anyone with a website can add these to their site, and make their own money from online marketing. Some sites are built with this specific purpose in mind.

Like other things online, the darker side of the Internet has invaded the online marketing world. It’s not as common as many of the viruses you might accidentally download via your email account, but things do happen. There were ads on Myspace not so long ago that would execute a program the moment the ad appeared on your screen. This has happened to me, and it took me a while to figure out what had just happened. The particular ad I saw opened browser after browser and would not stop. Luckily I got it to stop, though someone with a slow computer may very well have crashed. Though most online marketing is just what it is meant to be, there are still those out there looking to mess with your day.

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