I love my Prada purse

Although there are lots of designer brand names out there to choose from, I’ve found that I like Prada purses the best.

There’s no question that designer handbags are all the rage these days. They are a must-have accessory for fashion-conscious women around the globe, and can be seen gracing the arms of such diverse consumer groups as Japanese high school girls, European supermodels, and powerful American executives. I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter so much which designer bag you actually own — simply being in possession of one is enough to get some attention these days.

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Prada purses come in many different styles, including messenger bags, pochettes, handbags, and backpacks. They are made from a variety of materials, but the most recognizable and popular ones are manufactured from soft black nylon with leather straps and metal hardware accents. And of course no offering from this design house would be complete without the inverted triangle logo.

If you think Prada purses sound rather simple, you’re right. That’s probably why I like them so much. I own one of the messenger-style bags, and have to say that I’m very impressed with it overall. First, the bag is so classic and versatile that it goes with any outfit that I wear. It looks equally as fabulous with a weekend ensemble consisting of jeans and a sweater as it does with my regular workday business suits. Not many other designer handbags give you that much flexibility in choosing your look.

A second reason that I love my Prada purse is because of its durability. Let’s face it: with other designer bags, you have to be extremely cautious about such things as the weather, spills, and stains. For example, I know a few women who refuse to carry makeup or pens in their designer handbags for fear of ruining the lining if a cap happens to fall off. I really wouldn’t have the energy to be constantly vigilant about what I’m putting in my handbag, and think that kind of behavior sort of defeats the purpose of carrying one around. With my black nylon Prada purse, I never have to worry about such things. The material is naturally stain-resistant and is very easy to clean. After nearly two years of constant daily use, my bag looks as good as new.

Finally, I recommend Prada purses because they are a good value compared to other designer handbags. Sure, there are all-leather offerings in Prada’s lineup that retail for more than a thousand dollars, but those are the exceptions rather than the rule. The nylon bags and backpacks are all very affordable — comparatively speaking, of course. I was able to buy a Prada purse and a matching wallet for less than the price of most other designer handbags alone. So if value is as important a factor in your purchasing decision as the quality of the handbag or the name on it, then I suggest you consider going with a Prada purse. Hopefully, you’ll end up enjoying your new bag as much as I’ve enjoyed mine!

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