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Ask Medical Question Alternatives

Nowadays, everyone wants answers to their questions as quickly as possible. You may call your doctor’s office and ask to speak to a nurse. If you are lucky, a nurse may call you back in a few hours. You may get an appointment within a few days. But, it is nearly impossible to get an answer to your urgent questions immediately. Thanks to the invention of the internet, the ability to ask medical questions and get a fast response is very possible. There are dozens upon dozens of sites designed to for you to ask medical questions and get answers quickly and for free. Finding those sites takes less than a few seconds of your time. However, navigating through the sites that will actually offer solid advice may take longer than a few seconds.

Being able to ask medical questions online can be a blessing when it’s the middle of the night and you are needing your issue addressed immediately. Some health insurance companies are kind enough to have “on-call” nurses and doctors that are available on a hotline 24 hours a day. You can always call and get answers to your questions if you have that available to you as well. Some people prefer to get their questions answered online while others would prefer to speak to an actual person. Of course, the best way to ask medical questions would be in person, meeting with an actual doctor or nurse and letting them examine the situation and correctly identify and treat whatever your concern happens to be.

As we all know, there are times that you simply cannot wait for an answer. Your baby is screaming in the middle of the night and has an unidentified rash but you know it does not warrant a trip to the emergency room but you want answers and you want them fast. The internet just may provide those answers and solutions.

However, there are some drawbacks to being able to ask medical questions online. More and more actual doctors are advising against taking medical advice off of the internet. Why? Because people surfing the web and looking for answers have a tendency to diagnose themselves with diseases and conditions that don’t even remotely pertain to them. You are looking for a solution to why you have a stomach ache for several days in a row. Suddenly, you find yourself on a site that talks about stomach cancer and you have convinced yourself that you have all of the symptoms that are mentioned. You panic and call your doctor insisting on being tested for cancer. As humorous as that scenario may sound, it happens over and over again. You ask medical questions on the internet and you end up being convinced that every single medical condition that you happen to find pertains to you. If you are going to search for medical answers online, make sure that you don’t jump to any conclusions. Before you convince yourself that you
or a family member is dying from some exotic disease, keep an open mind and don’t invent symptoms that do not truly exist. Keep everything in perspective and before you jump to any conclusions, talk to a real doctor or nurse if it isn’t something that you can medicate yourself with over the counter medications. Medical concerns can turn out to be absolutely nothing and the simple answers can be found online. However, use some common sense if you feel that your concerns need to be addressed more in depth.

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Getting your medical questions answered online

A visit to your doctor’s office can be costly. While some acute or alarming symptoms obviously require immediate care, you may have symptoms which are puzzling, but which are more of a curiosity than a worry. For example, you may get frequent colds which are annoying. You don’t run a day care, so you can’t attribute this to increased exposure. You work at home, but still get a cold every other month. You wonder why. You decide enough is enough. Instead of waiting for your next regular checkup, some months away, there is an alternative. The net is full of useful information which just may clear up your problem. Get these sorts of medical questions answered online!

If you Google ’causes frequent colds’, you’ll probably get hundreds of thousands of leads. There are plenty of conventional and alternative health websites which can supply the answers you need.

However, if your symptoms are more unusual, such as a rash that comes and goes but doesn’t seem to be a health threat, you’ll have more difficulty sifting through the mix of medical websites and commercial vendors to get your medical questions answered in a quick search. Still, you’re curious enough to try to determine if this rash is symptomatic of an underlying, more serious condition.

In this type of search, you’ll cut to the chase quickly by searching the medical search engines. Type ‘search engines medical’ into Google or your favorite general search engine. This will bring up a list of search engines with medical databases devoted to getting your medical questions answered.

Many of these sites are geared towards the layman. Some sites have nurses and doctors who will take a look at your particular medical question and give you a rundown on the possibilities and their recommendations of action. You must expect that this type of online diagnosis may not provide a clearcut answer to a medical question. However, you will receive enough information to decide whether a doctor’s appointment is your best course of action.

Another way to get medical questions answered online is to take a nutritional approach in your search. In the case of a rash (or the frequent cold), you may find that a vitamin deficiency is at the root of your problem.

Try a search on ‘vitamin mineral deficiency rash’. You may well find your mysterious medical question answered on the first link you follow! For example, diabetics often suffer a form of psoriasis, particularly on the face and neck. Diabetics are also known to be commonly deficient in the mineral selenium. This condition may clear up entirely by taking this in a supplemental form.

Your research to get medical answers online may well save you lots of time and expense at the doctor’s. Ask your doctor if that selenium supplement might help. With your doctor’s approval, go ahead. Mystery solved.

If your symptoms worry you in any way, always give the Doc a call!

Natural Beauty Care: Finding Your Finest Personal Care

Staying beautiful is something that women of all ages think about every single day. Beauty should be something that we see when we look within, but everyone wants to look good on the outside as well. There are many products on the market that can help anyone look better, but some people do not want to put what they think of as dangerous chemicals on their skin each and every day. If you feel this way, there are things you can do to achieve natural beauty care. Not only are you going to look better, but you are also going to feel better about using these products safely.

Natural beauty care can be for any part of your beauty routine. One of the most common ways to use natural products are to use them in your hair for softer and smoother tresses. One way to get softer and better looking hair is to use well aged, mashed bananas as a conditioning treatment. This will work wonders for your hair, but there is one drawback. The banana can be hard to get out of your hair, especially if you have long or curly hair. Be prepared to have to wash your hair more than once to get it out, but if you want great looking hair naturally, it might be worth the effort to do this treatment once a month. You can add a touch on honey if you wish, which may help the banana come out much more easily.

If you want to use something natural to take care of your skin, think about what your skin needs. You can use almost anything natural as an exfoliator, but you do not want to use something that is going to damage your skin. This is when you want to look online for natural beauty care items to take care of your skin. Some you can buy as a product or you may want to get the right natural ingredients and then blend your own products at home. You can make your own moisturizers as well if you know where to look to buy the right products.

Make up is a bit harder to find when you think about natural beauty care, but you can find some great products out there. Eye shadows and foundations are much harder to make on your own, but what you seek is on the market today. Think about natural mineral make up items and do your research to be sure these are truly natural and safe for your skin. Many companies with natural products will list each and every ingredient so you know what you are getting. If they do not list things for you, you may want to find someone else from whom to buy.

Natural beauty care is more than what you put on your body. It is also about what you put into your body. If you focus on drinking enough water each day, and eating as many fresh, organic foods as you can, you are going to look and feel better overall. You may find that some of your beauty issues go away on their own with a healthy and chemical free diet. It can be hard to eat right in a world full of processed foods, but you can do it with a little time and effort. You may soon find that your need to work on natural beauty care items is less as your body adjusts to your new eating plan and lifestyle.

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Powerful Natural Cures

In today’s world, we find ourselves besieged with ailments, diseases and conditions that were unknown fifty years ago. Your grandmother probably never heard of restless leg syndrome or attention deficit disorder. It’s enough to make you wonder if your doctor’s prescription for that twitch in your legs is the best course of action. Is the modern diagnosis of attention deficit disorder legitimate, or do you simply have a rambunctious kid? Is it necessary to take that prescription medication to sort out the problem? Do you wonder why in times past, people dealt with these problems with natural cures?

Perhaps the question is, what are natural cures? Do they work? The answer lies in history and folklore. Prior to the discovery of penicillin, all we had to rely on were natural cures. What is amazing is that, in every culture and environment, plant medicines were employed with success as treatments for the everyday ailments that plagued mankind. In third-world countries today, plant medicines are the only option. Preparations of plants are still successful cures, although the big pharmaceutical manufacturers would like you to think otherwise.

For example, Peruvian bark, also known as Cinchona, provides quinine, a natural cure for malaria. Modern medicine has not bested quinine as a natural cure.

If you know a child diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, it’s unlikely that natural cures are employed. ADD is regarded as an undesirable condition of agitation, with the child unable to focus on the subject at hand. In fact, many, if not most, children demonstrate this inability at various points of normal development. A doctor may prescribe injections of Ritalin to suppress these “unacceptable” symptoms.

A child diagnosed with ADD may well be treated with a number of natural remedies to alleviate bursts of nervous energy. The inability to focus attention may well lie in the channels of normal development and resolve naturally over time. Chamomile, passion flower, lemon balm and skullcap teas are powerful natural cures for agitation. Children generally outgrow a lack of attention span.

Natural cures, as a rule, tend to bring balance and harmony, addressing the cause rather than the symptoms. Treating the cause, rather than the symptoms, is superior, effecting a permanent change that benefits the patient and releases them from a lifelong commitment to medications.

Natural cures have history behind them. Before you run to the doctor with a complaint, do a little research on your symptoms. Even well-entrenched ailments like arthritis have many natural cures that work.

The bottom line is that many a modern ailment, fitted with a spiffy name, can be treated naturally, without a lifelong commitment to medications. Natural cures are often your best option, getting to the root cause of your distress and resolving the symptoms.