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Teething Remedies per Mt Pleasant Dentist

If your baby has started teething, the nice little rhythm that you have established is about to change or go completely out the window. Nothing upsets baby more than pain, and when teething, they are going to be subject to some aches in the gums while the teeth migrate to the surface and erupt. The first teeth are often the hardest on baby, as they do not understand what is going on, but the molars can be hard too, as they hurt worse than the front ones when coming in. Get your hands on some good teething remedies to help your baby feel better when teeth are coming in.

Some teething remedies are very simple. You can buy teethers in the store, keep them in the freezer, and then whip them out when you need to give them to your baby. These teething rings or toys are made for chilling because the cold helps alleviate the pain of teething. Remember that your child’s first trip to the Mt Pleasant dentist will be soon and you wan a good check up. The only downfall of these teething remedies is that they are not good when baby can not hold the item in their hand just yet. Those that start teething at a very young age won’t be able to use these unless you hold them in the mouth for them.

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