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An Introduction To Clairvoyance

Often people misunderstand the difference between “psychics” “clairvoyant psychics.” Not all psychics are clairvoyant psychics, although quite a few of them are. “Clairvoyance” simply means “clear visions” and refers to a person’s ability to tap into knowledge that goes unseen by the untrained eye. Some people describe this like a movie screen where images and symbols simply ‘appear’ while others claim that they are shown the events by spirits or other entities.

The gifts of a clairvoyant psychic is sometimes referred to as “the sixth sense” or “seeing with the third eye.” The former is a play off of the five basic senses of touch, taste, seeing, hearing, and smelling. The sixth sense goes beyond all these into extrasensory perception.

The “third eye” refers to the pineal gland, which has been acknowledged as a gland capable of receiving spiritual energy and psychic insight. The Yogic traditions use the term ‘inner eye’ or ‘third eye’ to refer to the sixth chakra, which is considered to be the seat of all clairvoyant abilities. Some people believe the pineal gland has shrunk as a result of neglect. This would explain why not everyone has the gift of clairvoyance even though we are all equipped to develop this skill.

As a general rule, those who show the strongest clairvoyant abilities are those individuals who show a predisposition towards having strong visual skills; the kind of people who naturally think in pictures or notice details of a person’s appearance or in their surroundings before they pick up on other things such as auditory or other sensory cues.

Modern Scientific Studies on Clairvoyance

Although today there is skepticism around clairvoyance, there is much evidence to support its existence. Research in the area of clairvoyance and other psychic abilities continues, however it is seen less and less among traditional universities and mainstream research.

One of the better-known studies came out of Cornell University under the direction of Professor Daryl J Bem. He was able to demonstrate that there is a 53 percent overall probability of clairvoyance. It might not sound like a lot, but it is quite significant.

He also conducted a series of studies that will soon be published in one of the most prestigious psychology journals. Across nine experiments, Bem examined the idea that our brain has the ability to not only reflect on past experiences, but also anticipate future experiences. This ability for the brain to “see into the future” is often referred to as psi phenomena.

Similarly, modern quantum physics has demonstrated that light particles seem to know what lies ahead of them and will adjust their behaviour accordingly, even though the future event hasn’t occurred yet.

Many scientists are breaking out on their own and participating in independent research or working with organisations like the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). Scientific evidence for clairvoyance and other abilities is definitely on the rise.

So while many will still consider clairvoyance to be nothing more than a party trick, those who are truly curious will continue to uncover the hard evidence of this fascinating ability.

How An Aura Is Cleared

To effectively clear an aura, I first seek out and list the types of negative or toxic energy that is lodged in the auric field. These can be negative thought forms, anger spears, dark entities, addiction entities, old attitudes and emotions that have become toxic, hexes, curses, and open portal ways in the subconscious.

These have to be identified in order to be removed. In addition to clearing , I also determine to what arch angel realm the individual belongs, where their soul originated, and whether they have one or two God sparks. I determine the number of their spirit guides and which arch angel energies they bring to the individual. The aura is then cleared and shields are placed around the individual for their protection.

Many of symptoms that require clearing are related to having no shields, which make you highly susceptible to the stresses of every day life. Once you aura is cleared, shields are always put in place. Often the source of discomfort may be past life issues. These will be examined, if requested.

To clear your aura I will need your full birth name, birth date, and address. To clear a building, I will need the address, owner’s name, and a description of the property. All work is done at a distance. Those are the basics. If you wish to give more information in regard to personal matters, please feel free to do so. All information is held in the strictest confidence.

How Can Clairvoyant Psychics Help Me?

Clairvoyants can help you in many ways! It really helps to have someone to communicate your worries and concerns to and to gain reassurance and insight that indeed you are on the right track. Clairvoyants are naturally empathic individuals who are very spiritually awakened and capable of healing. Simply talking to a psychic can be very therapeutic because of the type of compassionate people who usually get involved in such work.

On top of this, if you decide to get a reading with a clairvoyant psychic, he or she will deliver answers and insights without hesitation due to this gift of “clear visions.” These talented individuals are here to help you navigate through life’s complex ups and downs and gain clarity on your path. The thoughts that may have been running around in your head will be made sense of allowing you to gain clarity in your life. So much so that you will wonder why you had not thought to see a psychic before!

Seeing a psychic or clairvoyant is a step in a direction that will forever change your life and the relationship you have with yourself and others. Many people find that employing a clairvoyant psychic’s services helps them heal more completely and work through rough experiences. You stand to lose nothing and to gain much, if not everything!