How Dryer Ducts are cleaned in a Condo

Over the years we have cleaned the dryer exhaust ductwork in literally thousands of condos throughout Toronto and the GTA. This important project can be done for the building
management company, and in this case we would usually clean the dryer exhaust ductwork and the fan in every suite throughout the building.

We very often work directly with individual condominium owners as well. We can clean the dryer exhaust system on any floor, because for this type of job we must use our portable vacuum equipment. We bring our vacuum equipment right up to your door, and then run hoses into your suite during the dryer duct cleaning process.

The operation of your dryer exhaust fan is first tested for operation and any unusual noise. This quick test tells us alot about your system. We then remove the fan completely, and use the opening to insert our vacuum hose. Compressed air is then used, along with a high-powered air snake. This device goes inside the pipe, all the way to the exhaust outlet on the side of the building, and in the process blows all the lint from your system back torwards the vacuum.

The fan motor, exterior exhaust grills and connector pipes are cleaned in the same manner. This type of service should be done more frequently than any other regular type of air duct cleaning.

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