Powerful Natural Cures

In today’s world, we find ourselves besieged with ailments, diseases and conditions that were unknown fifty years ago. Your grandmother probably never heard of restless leg syndrome or attention deficit disorder. It’s enough to make you wonder if your doctor’s prescription for that twitch in your legs is the best course of action. Is the modern diagnosis of attention deficit disorder legitimate, or do you simply have a rambunctious kid? Is it necessary to take that prescription medication to sort out the problem? Do you wonder why in times past, people dealt with these problems with natural cures?

Perhaps the question is, what are natural cures? Do they work? The answer lies in history and folklore. Prior to the discovery of penicillin, all we had to rely on were natural cures. What is amazing is that, in every culture and environment, plant medicines were employed with success as treatments for the everyday ailments that plagued mankind. In third-world countries today, plant medicines are the only option. Preparations of plants are still successful cures, although the big pharmaceutical manufacturers would like you to think otherwise.

For example, Peruvian bark, also known as Cinchona, provides quinine, a natural cure for malaria. Modern medicine has not bested quinine as a natural cure.

If you know a child diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, it’s unlikely that natural cures are employed. ADD is regarded as an undesirable condition of agitation, with the child unable to focus on the subject at hand. In fact, many, if not most, children demonstrate this inability at various points of normal development. A doctor may prescribe injections of Ritalin to suppress these “unacceptable” symptoms.

A child diagnosed with ADD may well be treated with a number of natural remedies to alleviate bursts of nervous energy. The inability to focus attention may well lie in the channels of normal development and resolve naturally over time. Chamomile, passion flower, lemon balm and skullcap teas are powerful natural cures for agitation. Children generally outgrow a lack of attention span.

Natural cures, as a rule, tend to bring balance and harmony, addressing the cause rather than the symptoms. Treating the cause, rather than the symptoms, is superior, effecting a permanent change that benefits the patient and releases them from a lifelong commitment to medications.

Natural cures have history behind them. Before you run to the doctor with a complaint, do a little research on your symptoms. Even well-entrenched ailments like arthritis have many natural cures that work.

The bottom line is that many a modern ailment, fitted with a spiffy name, can be treated naturally, without a lifelong commitment to medications. Natural cures are often your best option, getting to the root cause of your distress and resolving the symptoms.

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