Psychic Spirit Guides

Many believe that contact with the subtler dimensions of life requires intricate magical and mystical psychic processes. There are many misconceptions regarding this other dimension of life. People often think that spirit contact is evil, contrary to the laws of nature, and can only occur with great preparation and even greater danger. But this has more to do with power of imagination than truth.

When Learning to work with the different types of spirit guides, you open yourself to psychic insight and guidance. You can eliminate fears of death and birth by connecting with those who have come and gone before. You can experience the touch of loved ones beyond the physical and learn to transform mourning into celebration.

We like to believe that we are the highest and the only form of intelligent life. In a universe as vast as that in which we live, such an attitude is arrogant. There are many forces in the universe that we still do not understand, so also dimensions and beings we do not understand, or even recognize – yet.

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