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Understanding The Psychic Tarot

Understand the Psychic Tarot as you develop your insight into its secrets and power. Developing an understanding of each card you will be able to see their individual nature reflected in yourself. Tarot card images serve as Psychic gateways through which you can explore particular aspects of your own unconscious mind. The secret to these techniques is knowledge, understanding and then empowerment. Your knowledge of the Psychic Tarot will help you to understand different elements of yourself, describing your situation and offering information as well as solutions to your concerns or problems.

Although the divinatory use of the Tarot is a complex issue and requires work to perfect, but there is no reason why the Tarot should not be used to examine your psychic energies around you at present, and how the cyan help you to move forward with confidence as your future unfolds.

There is no need to be afraid or fearful of the cards and the messages that they convey in the spread. Your confidence and spirituality are as important as your intuition of the cards psychic energies. Psychic readings when using the Tarot cards, will take you into the fascinating psychic and magical world of the Tarot.

The Historical Evidence Behind the Origins of the Tarot

Despite the popularity of Tarot cards in divination and fortune telling, it seems the only evidence there is to the origins of the Tarot can be found in the cards that were made in Italy, around 1420. The symbolism of the trumps can be found in the European art of the time, with some drawings being exactly the likeness of those found on Tarot cards. History tells us that a scholar named Marziano da Torona, who was secretary to the Duke of Milan, may have invented the Tarot deck. Marziano was a scholar and an expert astrologer. The young duke, Filippo Maria Visconti instructed Marziano to create a game, using a deck that would replace the common suits of swords, coins, staves and cups.

The duke wanted the new deck to have cards that represented virtues, riches, pleasures and purities. Marziano went on to create the card deck that Visconti wanted. He wrote a companion book to go with the deck of cards. It is on display in the Paris National library. In the book, there are no divine meanings to the cards, but no real rules for a card game, either. The book focuses on the symbolic meaning of the pictures and the different ranks of the depicted characters. Michelino da Besozzo is the Italian artist credited with painting the cards.